March 2019
»New managing director at MAFAC
»Small and fine - the new spray cleaning machine from MAFAC
»A new dimension in kinematic cleaning
»Optimum parts washer for a fully automated production line
»Dates 2019
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with today’s ReinBlick we inform you about the latest events and developments at MAFAC. Apart from a change in management, we introduce our latest machine, the MAFAC PURA, as well as a new dimension in kinematic parts cleaning. In the user report about the company Alpla from Austria you learn how the MAFAC PALMA was integrated into a fully automated production line in an optimum way. You can also obtain information about the current trade fair dates.
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Bettina Kern & Peter Ruoff
Heads of Marketing and Sales
New managing director at MAFAC
As of January 1, 2019, a personnel change has taken place at MAFAC: Joachim Schwarz, son of company founder Ernst Schwarz and active in the company for over 35 years, passes on the technical management baton to Stefan Schaal. more
Small and fine - the new spray cleaning machine from MAFAC
To mark its 50th anniversary, MAFAC has launched a new machine onto the market: the MAFAC PURA, a powerful entry-level model for rapid, thorough cleaning.
The spray cleaning machine of compact design with single bath technology is intended to be used as an all-round parts washer for decentralised use. Accordingly, its structure and its programming have been reduced to the essentials.
Learn more on our website or experience the MAFAC PURA in action on our Youtube channel.
A new dimension in kinematic cleaning
Since their entry into the aqueous parts cleaning market, MAFAC cleaning machines have set global standards in terms of cleaning quality, efficiency and application diversity. The patented process technology of counter- or co-rotating movements of spraying system and basket receptacle system is a crucial component of this corporate success. It is based on the understanding that cleaning is more efficient
when it is combined with motion. Consequently, all MAFAC machines systematically work with turbulences and achieve an effective cleaning of component surfaces
through the combination of mechanical components, temperature, cleaning additives and time. In continuing the development of this kinematic system approach, MAFAC now presents a new cleaning process, the MAFAC vector kinematics - a new dimension of kinematic cleaning. learn more
Optimum parts washer for a fully automated production line
The MAFAC PALMA is an indispensable part of the automation process at ALPLA in Hard
The production line for machining individual and series components for the manufacture of injection moulds for plastic moulded parts (such as closures of all kinds) is like a room inside a room. It fills more than half of the production area in the Mould Shop IM (AMS-IM) department of ALPLA. Five machines for different industrial processing methods and a cleaning machine from MAFAC are installed behind glass walls. more
Dates 2019
  • 16.-21.09.2019 EMO in Hanover

  • 22.- 24.10.2019 parts2clean in Stuttgart
  • An overview of all international trade fairs can be found here.
  • Tailwinds carry the company forward into the new year more
  • International Sales Conference with Anniversary Finale more
  • A successful trade fair appearance on the occasion of our anniversary more
This photo was taken by our sales colleague Peter Küfner.
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